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Window tinting after service care: do’s and dont's.

What to expect after your tint job.


ByWulf Window Tinting LLC

Freddy Lovato 623-330-0831


Thanks for choosing Wulf for your tinting needs. Below is a list of aftercare instructions and information in regard to your window film installation.

  1. Window tinting is a wet process so we need to give it time to dry. This process of curing is important for the proper adhesion of your window film to your glass. 

  2. Keep your windows in the UP position for at least a 48-hour period. The longer you can keep them up the better the adhesion of the window film to the glass.  

  3. Window film is installed on the inside of your glass so feel free to take your vehicle for a car wash. 

  4. The curing period should last for at least 1-2 weeks. So be patient with your installation as it will look water-bubbly, spotty, and bumpy until completely dry. We are waiting for Mother Nature to help us with the evaporation of the installation solution (water and soapy solution). After the film is completely dry please feel free to contact me with any questions.

  5. Clean your windows with clean microfiber towels, blue shop towels, and an ammonia-free window cleaner. Sprayway window cleaner is considered to be the gold standard window cleaner for window tinters, which can also be used for spot cleaning (feathering with a clean  microfiber towel) on upholstery stains.  A minimal amount of alcohol to clean water in a spray bottle is also a great and economical cleaner as well. 

  6. Window tinting is an art. With art and with window tinting we strive for perfection. There is an industry-standard for contaminants and small errors in the window film. Wulf window tinting strives to be better than any industry tinting standards that are agreed upon.

  7. Thanks for trusting Wulf Window Tinting with your vehicle and tinting needs and I appreciate your business.  Any additional questions please reach out at 623-330-0831.

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